Choosing the Right Refillable Lighter

Refillable lighters can easily offer a lifetime of service, no matter what they’re application. Choosing a lighter is a blend of aesthetic and practical choices. You may want something simple for utilitarian purposes or you may want something very ornate to take with you on a night out on the town.

For practical purposes, there is probably nothing better than the basic, box-styled refillable lighter. These devices are windproof, owing to the persistency of the fuel on the wick, provide many lights with one reservoir of fuel and are famously durable. The flame they produce is much bigger than that provided by cheap, disposable lighters, making them excellent for camping and other outdoor activities. If you’re taking one out in the field, make sure that extra fluid and flints are part of your kit.

There are smaller refillable lighters designed to be more aesthetically complimentary to women’s accessories. These models are usually thinner, hold less fuel and produce a smaller flame than their standard-sized counterparts. These lighters, though they’re more popular with women, are excellent for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a full-sized lighter with them. They’re slim enough to easily fit in a pants or coat pocket. The smaller reservoir means more refills are required.

Of course, not all lighters take lighter fluid. Butane lighters are very popular. They don’t have the characteristic smell of lighter fluid, they’re easy to maintain and there’s no fluid to leak out in the event of an overfill. These lighters are more advanced than their lighter-fluid fueled counterparts, in many regards, and some people find that butane lighters offer a cleaner light for tobacco. If you don’t want to deal with liquid fuel and don’t like the smell of lighter fluid, these are a great option. For outdoor purposes, they’re generally not as useful as fluid-filled lighters as they rely on a gas which is easily blown away from the flint used to light the fuel. For less rugged applications, however, they can easily provide a lifetime, or more, of service.

You may wish to consider purchasing a lighter based on what it means on a personal level as much as practical considerations. Many individuals find that classy, high-quality lighters are evocative of bygone eras. Some even purchase lighters to commemorate an event in one’s life, such as membership in the military, retirement or landing a particularly good job.

May 30th, 2017 | Posted in Gifts
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