Chocolate an Aphrodisiac?

Oysters were said to be the most effective aphrodisiac, but however there are places where oysters just can’t tickle some parts like chocolates do.

Phenyl ethylamine is in chocolates which is the same as amphetamines that gives you that feeling when you fall in love. Some of its substance rushes into the brain when experiencing orgasm. They also contain a substance called serotonin which is a brain transmitter that delivers a feeling of pleasure. Ladies eating chocolate is believe to have raised their testosterone levels. These substances are not the only thing which makes the chocolate an aphrodisiac. There are more visible or as they say more touchy feeling of the chocolate that makes it an aphrodisiac. The sense that it brings like the sight, the sound, smell and taste also is a big factor for that different feeling. Sight for you can see the chocolate’s color that shiny color. The sense of touch for you can hold that smooth chocolate touch. That delicate aromas and that groveling mouth experience and the snap on some chocolates when you break it contributes to that other factor.

All the ladies know and want chocolates, making them a part of their life. If you take away chocolates from them, then you’re in for a great fight. Chocolate is their life they treat it as if a part of their daily routine.

It was the Mayans who first introduce cocoa beans which they immediately experience that there was an impact on the body’s senses. Then the Emperor Montezuma of the Aztecs was seen consuming large quantities of coca. The Spaniards saw this and spread it all over Europe. Since then the use of chocolate for mating became a ritual to some. Not only will chocolate raise the sexual pleasure but it also brings ecstasy like an orgasm.

A dark chocolate in particular heightens sexual desire more than any other chocolates. They are more associated with the healthy sexual relationship. Studies have been done to women who eat lots of chocolates. They have studied the sexual behavior of these women. They have found out that a woman who eats up large quantities of these chocolates has more gratifying sex lives. It’s not always that chocolates help women and their partner in their sexual desires. In the other way around women with a very satisfying sex life tends to eat more chocolate.

There’s no complete fact that there is a relation between sex and chocolate. The evidence combined from the studies that were done is almost perfect for taking up chocolate as an aphrodisiac. It is convincible enough to know that chocolate is a part of the sexual pleasure a lady is looking for. High cocoa content chocolates are of the great choice to make that desire pump up. With less sugar levels and fewer oils are of the best choice. Upon reading this article you would know now that chocolates bring sexual pleasure to everyone. Just be careful for some chocolate with high sugar levels for it might bring diabetes and can cost you your health.

Oct 31st, 2015 | Posted in Chocolate
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