Chains Game Review

While many match 3 games are already investing more on 3D graphics and in-depth storylines due to the lack of variety in challenge, the Chains game focuses more in providing many ways on how you can enjoy greatly the concept of match 3 in a retro 2D interface. And now, we get to explore this IGF contender further in a review to clarify what I mean from the earlier statement.

Chains is actually the prototype game made from the 2D engine and framework named AGen. It is a physics driven game with a simple rule to play: just link 3 or more adjacent bubbles together to form chains and clear them off from each level. It is composed of 20 levels only but even though it’s a relatively short game to play, it makes up for it in innovation and variety to the standard match 3 gaming composed of just repetitive game play mechanics.

As a matter of fact, each level of Chains presents you with a different objective for you to get through in order to move on to the next stage. Linking bubbles together is mostly the name of the game, but expanding from that idea, you’ll also be tasked to prevent bubbles from getting lost, keep making bubbles chains within a span of time, and maintain bubble flow in the level just to name a few. And with the difference in mechanics, you’re sure to experience something unusual and exciting as you progress through the game.

What amazed me further is how physics plays a major role in this game. Gravity and magnetism is emphasized greatly on all levels and as you progress further, you’ll chance upon some simple machines too. Platforms supported by pulleys, levers and wedges provide a fast paced and challenging game play. However, contrary to what you might expect, some levels will need careful planning too and just randomly chaining bubbles mean certain defeat.

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