Catch a Cheating Spouse – Plain As Day, the Signs Are There For All to See

No one likes a sneak. It’s funny how they THINK they are sneaking and hiding their little secret, when it really is just right out there in the open. This is so true in many cases when dealing with a cheating spouse. How ever well they intend on keeping their little affair a secret from you, the characteristics are plainly obvious. If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, read on and get the low-down on what actions give them away.

How obvious is this: your spouse comes home, a new hair cut, a wardrobe that last week they would not be caught dead in, and donning a new cologne/perfume. Now, there will be the rare moment in time when someone goes for the complete make-over, but in your case you might want to consider something else. Cheating spouses will re-make themselves into what their new significant other desires. They might even go as far as to start exercising! We are talking about the spouse that spent most of the time on the couch watching tv and was more concerned about the remote control than anything else. If there does not seem to be any other reason for a sudden change in their “look”, it could be time to dig deeper and find out who is influencing them so much!

Another big clue involves the bedroom – and we are not talking about your bedroom. A cheating spouse has a lot less interested in you and an intimate relationship when they are getting it somewhere else. Why would they even consider jumping into bed with you when it is much more exciting with their new lover? “I’m too tired” or “I have a headache” might indicate more than just that. Of course, there’s also the chance that your spouse becomes more active with you – wanting to try new things in the bedroom. You have to wonder where these sudden heated desires are coming from too. If you sex life has been pretty normal, any big changes – either way – could give away the secret affair your spouse is having.

Does your spouse spend more time in an anxious state? They are more on edge, paranoid, and quick to question anything you say to them. Well, of course they are going to be like that. They are keeping in a secret and know that one slip up and their affair is out in the open. Too late! We already know that there are many signs of a cheating spouse – one of them being paranoia. A phone rings, they jump and wonder who it was. A knock at the door. A call out of their “name” as you walk through the mall. You might even observe them nabbing the bills before you get to see them. Take this recent change of character seriously, it might be for reasons you have yet to discover.

Profiling a cheating spouse and getting a real clear picture will require more reading than what you find here – however, these will give you a place to start. To get all the dirt and details needed to catch a cheating spouse, visit my website: Beating Cheating. You have been in the dark (literally, alone) for too long. Those butterflies you feel could be the suspicions you have about infidelity; enough is enough.

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