Catch a Cheating Spouse – How Sure Are You That Your Significant Other is Not Cheating?

Finding out your spouse has been cheating on you is, without a doubt, devastating. Your whole world is turned upside down – the loving relationship you both had (or so you thought) was built on lies. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones – your spouse loves you more than anything and would NEVER cheat on you. How sure are you? Have you noticed that your spouse has been different lately? If you get that rotting feeling in the pit of your stomach when you entertain the thought that your spouse is cheating on you, it might be time to take a closer look.

When your spouse shows a lack of interest in the bedroom and making time for intimacy, it might not just be what they tell you. Sure, stresses like work, money, and healthy can extinguish the desire to be intimate, but maybe in your case, their sexual desires are elsewhere. Those same old excuses such as “I’m too tired” or “I have a headache”, are probably just that – excuses. They are lost in thought over this new secret lover and focus their sex and intimacy in a bedroom other than yours. On the other hand, if you sex life has been pretty normal, and there is a sudden desire to try new tricks in the bedroom, it might indicate a wilder sex life somewhere else. Don’t fall for the same old excuses, dig deeper and get to the bottom of it.

A spouse that is cheating usually will be more distracted and lost in thoughts and daydreams. Their focus is no longer on you and your relationship I am sorry to say. They will display a lack of desire to do anything around the house, probably will opt out of get-togethers with friends and just want more time alone. Your spouse will also have less patience – starting arguments with you – just to create space. If you are feeling alone in the house with the two of you there, then something is going on. If they offer no believable reasons for this new lack of focus and attention, then they are not giving you the whole story.

Another indicator of a cheating spouse is when they change aspects of their outward appearance. New hair styles, colognes/perfumes, clothing choices tell you someone else is influencing them. If their new lover likes your spouse’s hair a certain way, or tells them they look good in a certain style, then your spouse is going to change. They want to impress their new love interest – and will stop at no cost. Which leads to a closer look at your credit cards – unknown charges could be signs they are buying gifts and other merchandise for their “new life”.

Don’t become the next statistic of infidelity. Learn more about how to catch a cheating spouse and the signs to watch for. They may think their secret is hidden from you, but lucky for you it is not. Do not wait any longer – visit my site – and put their cheating ways to a stop.

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