Can Wii Guitar Hero Be Family Fun?

As a parent to young son I am becoming more and more concerned about what he is exposed to as he grows. We don’t watch a lot of TV and try to spend as much time as we can playing and doing creative things like drawing and making things with paper with him. The irony is I am concerned about things I know myself I enjoy or once enjoyed in my life – manly music, movies and computer games. I still love music and movies. I am not huge fan of computer games now.

We encourage our son to sing songs, listen to music and take an interest in music instruments. As for movies, we occasionally take him to see popular children’s movies. My son is half Japanese and speaks Japanese so we allow him to watch Japanese anime and TV shows on Youtube. When comes to computer games I have never liked the idea of him playing them at all….until Wii Guitar came along.

I was once a big role playing and 3D shooter game fan in my teens and early twenties. I rarely play these games now and am quite surprised at the level and amount of graphic violence these games now have. Of course my son has never been exposed to these sorts of games. I have never been a big fan of hand held games. However, while we were living in Japan he did learn discover and experience Nintendo DS.

I made the mistake of buying my wife a DS last year. Eventually it would find it’s way into my sons hands. We first tried to reward him with a little DS game play here and there. In the end he become DS addicted wanting to play the game all the time. We got rid of it. The idea of having any sort of game in the house didn’t appeal to me at all over that experience.

When game makers started coming out with games that allowed user to simulate playing guitar I first I dismissed them as toys for teenagers who were either having trouble growing up or too lazy to learn guitar. One day at a friends house we played Wii Guitar Hero for a few hours. We were hooked. We got the Wii console for Xmas and have been playing Wii guitar heroes ever since on weekends and during school holidays.

Wii guitar is great fun for the family. Although it is a computer game, and not the real thing, it is very interactive and great for growing bodies. You can swing the game’s controller in time with music to mimic the motions they’d make to strum a guitar. My son is picking up some of the basics, such as rhythm, tempo and song structure. He also seems to be more interested in music. I bought him his first real guitar recently.

The best thing about Wii guitar is it can be enjoyed by the whole family and creates a lot of social interaction. In fact, the whole family can turn into a rock band and tour the world. In fact, it is the best fun we have as a family and we all look forward to the weekends.

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