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Let me guess – you have just arrived from another photo stock and are a bit disappointed. You were surfing there to buy photos. That’s was your goal. But now you have no photo or just only one that you have bought because you had to. Of course! At least some action needed at this useless hour!

Let me describe one situation and answer yourself if it’s true. You are surfing on some photo stock by using a simple keyword search. For example, you need a photo of successful-looking man for your blog or website. A good picture of it can be a key to success – visitors love beautiful photos. You enter a keyword ‘business’ there and magic happens – 10,000 results shown! Ok then. Now you are browsing through them to find some and guess what? Where is at least one photo that is somehow related to business? The feeling is like – what the hell the photographer was thinking about when gave this photo a ‘business’ keyword? And there are such a lot of related situations. Surfings like this takes off so much time and the results aren’t great.

But I got a solution for you I’ve recently found on the Internet. It is like the pack of theme-related photos that are high quality and with the taste of creativity. That’s what people need.

The pack contains about 100 photos with needed licenses. There is even a reseller license. Isn’t it great? There is no need to spend valuable time and money to buy photos anymore. Massive photo wholesale.

Aug 5th, 2016 | Posted in Photography
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