Breaking Camp – How to Pack Up Your Campsite

As your camping trip draws to a close you need to think about packing up for the trip home. Breaking camp doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you have a system to it .So before you get into the car for the long ride home, or maybe not so long ride home, go over this check list.

First you will pack your gear and separate it into two piles. You want to isolate the dirty items and the clean items. This will save you some time once you are home. You won’t have to go through and clean everything necessarily as you kept them separate. Before loading everything into the car give all items a good wipe down. This will get all the excess dust and debris off.

Be very careful and double check that your campfire is out. It can take quite a bit of water to extinguish a campfire. Make sure they are no hot ashes buried. You can use the water from your cooler to start this process but more may be needed.

Next you’ll want to empty your cooler of any excess water. This can cause quite a mess in the car if it were to tip over. If you have any food items that you’d like to save go ahead and stock up on some more ice. Otherwise go ahead and dispose of any remaining perishable foods.

Once you have everything packed up walk around area once more with the trash bag. Pick up any little items that you may have left. Napkins, plastic utensils, or any other tiny pieces of litter should be picked up. You’ll feel much better knowing you didn’t leave a bunch of little pieces of litter for the next campers.

After you dispose of all the trash around your campsite and your car has been packed take a final walk around. Double check that you haven’t left anything behind, be it garbage or personal belongings.

Make final use of the facilities if you’ve got a long trip ahead of you. Now you’re ready to hit the road. I hope these tips on breaking camp will help you on your next camping excursion. Have fun and be safe!

Dec 18th, 2014 | Posted in Camping
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