Bisexual Dating Ideas

So you have finally found that perfect bisexual date, the one that fit everything you were looking for and also liked all your quirks and got all your jokes. Well now what do you do and where do you go for that perfect first date? There are a lot of good ideas and in fact being bisexual opens up more opportunities to you than any straight or gay or lesbian couple. In order to find that perfect dream date for that first bisexual encounter with your new flame you need to think outside the box. This will be impressive to them and will help you to have a fun time and explore all there is to your blossoming relationship.

One way to do this is to consider seeing a local band or poetry slam. A lot of these events are hosted at clubs or other small venues and are either free or really cheap to get into. It also helps to have a lot of other people around and distractions if you are the type that sometimes runs out of things to say when out on that first date with your new special someone. You may even find a gay, lesbian or bisexual focused band or poetry slam event, but even if you do not that is no reason why the two of you cannot have just as much fun rocking out, or maybe slow dancing, to some good music.

Make sure before you pick a place to get the kind of music your date likes in advance, get them to drop some hints and offer some of your favorite tunes and ask if they like it or not. To find a great local band check your local newspaper or try a search at MySpace for bands in your areas and the times and places they are playing. This can be a really fun adventure for the two of you especially if you find a really cool band that you can share a fondness for and go buy a CD together or download some songs online. It also creates a great memory years later if your relationship grows and hopefully it will.

You can also try something that you will both be interested in by finding a local gay, lesbian and or bisexual pride event such as a parade or even better a festival or street fair. These can have hours of dating enjoyment and some good food and so many things to look at and do, you will not have time to disagree about anything. It is a great and relaxing way to spend some summer evening with your new first bisexual date. Even if you cannot find a festival or street fair that is focused on gay or bisexual causes they can still be a lot of fun. Try getting some cheap little homemade trinkets at one of the booths that people have, or win them a prize in any events they may have going on. If they have rides there, take some together and remember to have fun.

Dec 5th, 2014 | Posted in Gay Lesbian
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