Best Pod Coffee Maker For Brewing Coffee Your Way

Pod coffee makers are becoming more common in stores today as they have some pretty compelling advantages over traditional drip machines. If you are someone who likes a variety and drinks your favorite blend on the go then they could be the right choice for you. Do you find yourself throwing out most of the pot you brew every morning? If so you should look at a single cup machine, or perhaps one that uses pods. However, it can be difficult finding the best pod coffee maker with the sheer number of brands and models offered today.

Look For A Brand You Can Trust

With any new product, especially one that you hope will last for many years, it is important to buy from a company that you recognize and trust will stand behind it. When buying a new coffee maker, you really are investing in something that will become a big part of your daily routine so it makes sense to find the right machine. Keurig is one of those companies that has a large following and it’s easy to see why. Their coffee makers are always rated high by consumers as they have the features people want and are built to last for many years.

The Special Edition Keurig B60 Coffee Maker

The Keurig B60 is perhaps the most popular machine in their lineup. While it is not the cheapest in terms of price, it is not the most expensive as well. It brings together many of the features you would like in the best pod home brewer but not more than you will ever use. With the Special Edition you can brew one K-Cup at a time without the normal setup and cleanup required of other machines. The Keurig One Touch technology makes it easy for anybody to get their favorite flavor in no time, including tea or hot chocolate.

A Machine With A Lot To Offer

With the B60, you can choose from three different brewing sizes from a normal sized coffee cup to a large sized travel mug. A variety of temperature controls will appeal to many different tastes, and an LCD programmer gives you the modern feel that you expect from a new coffeemaker. It’s pretty easy to get going with it as you simply insert the desired coffee pod, make sure the water reservoir has enough water, and press the brew button. There are no paper filters to mess with and no grounds either. And the huge variety of k-cups and pods means that you will never tire of drinking the same flavor every day.

Positive Consumer Reviews Are Telling

If you do any research on the Keurig B60 you will quickly realize just how highly rated it is. Reviews are very positive from all over the web and for good reason. The company stands behind this quality coffee maker and it really appeals to most coffee lovers in terms of features and value for the money.

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