Besigye boards KQ plane after Museveni clears his travel





Police tear gas Col. Kizza Besigye (inside his vehicle) on Thursday. Photo by Joseph Kiggundu.  

Airport security officials reverse an earlier decision to block Dr Kizza Besigye and now allow him to fly out with his sister, Olive Kobusingye.

Our reporter Richard Wanambwa says Airport security chief Herman Owomugisha, who previously said he had received a telephone call “from above” to block Dr Besigye, later approached Surgeon Kobusingye at around 7:25pm, saying the opposition politician had been cleared to fly.

A highly-placed source says President Museveni had to personally intervene after being briefed by aides that Dr Besigye, battered a day earlier by a cocktail of security forces, had been stopped.

Questions are now being asked – and the repercussions might be dire – where Mr Owomugisha got the authorisation to abort the opposition politician’s flight out for treatment, an episode reportedly witnessed firsthand by a top Western diplomat.

It is not clear if Mr Owomugisha acted overzealously or was duped by other security chiefs without Mr Museveni’s knowledge.

Following the State House telephone call, Dr Besigye was rushed through to boarding without any security check and was on board Kenyan Airways flight, KQ 414, departing 8pm.

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  1. Submitted by Parachute
    Posted Fri Apr 29 21:40:29 EAT 2011

    This is pure mockery of freedom and democracy that was synonymous with kanu regime in kenya. Must someone ask museveni permission if he wants to walk to work? Or if he wants to go to hospital? Let him know that reigns of dictators is coming to an end in Africa.

  2. Submitted by jtambo
    Posted Fri Apr 29 21:29:59 EAT 2011

    This reminds us of Moi era. Dictatorship and power, corruption has to do with all this. African presidents have a tendency to engage themselves in corruption so as to protect their ill gotten wealth. What we are witnessing is a wave of change in the Middle East and some North African countries. That alone should set a signal to those leaders who think they can continue leading to nowhere.

  3. Submitted by Common_sense
    Posted Fri Apr 29 21:21:51 EAT 2011

    You oppositionists and your Western constituency! So what if a top diplomat witnessed drama at the airport? That’s supposed to score points for the opposition and hoist their moral high ground higher? Give us a break. Let’s have some principles. We can deal with this ourselves. The diplomats have their own homes and constituencies – strategic interests.

Apr 29th, 2011 | Posted in Travel
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