Behind the Scenes of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

When I sit down to watch So You Think You Can Dance the last thing that goes through my mind is what the dancers had to go through to learn the dances for that evening. I simply sit there and watch a great or sometimes not so great performance and then critique it as if I know what I am talking about. What I don’t think about is the hours spent training, the lack of sleep and injuries the dancers went through that week.

Several times it has been aired that dancers on the show had to go to the hospital for dehydration, sprained ankles or broken toes. When these contestants go onto the show they are putting their health on the line for their dream and our entertainment. Additionally, these dancers are learning dances that they have never done before in a matter of hours and with a partner who most likely has a completely different dance background as well. When we start to pick apart these dancers, I think it is important to remember what they have gone through to get there and that they are most likely operating on just three hours sleep…for the week.

Not only are they constantly working on their dances, they are hanging out with all the same people the entire time. I imagine that could get quite annoying and frustrating, especially when you tie the stress factor into it.

Once the show has it’s finale the show isn’t over yet. The top ten go on a several month tour all over the country traveling with the same people, and in confined spaces. When I think of all the behind the scenes that is involved for the contestants, I really am more appreciative of what they do and how they get by every day. And to think when they get kicked off the show they say, “This has been the best part of my life”. That is someone who really loves their job and what they do!

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