Basketball Dunk Skills

Learning to play basketball involves more than just learning to dunk. However, dunking is fun and has its positive sides. Here are some good reasons about dunking:

• If you are one dunking during a competitive game, it feels wonderful. You will feel at the top of the world.

• It will get your fans and teammates more motivated

• It is considered to a big confidence booster and players start working together as a team.

However, basketball dunking needs to be practiced and learned. But you cannot learn it until you build an athletic body. Dunking requires a player to have athletic legs. You can develop your legs through running up a hill and rope jumping. In addition, you can workout your legs in a gym to build the muscles and power.

Many players tend to use dunking as way to show off in front friends, teammates and fans. They over practice their dunking skills and neglect other aspects of the game. Therefore, your practice session should around 10 attempts after a regular game workout and practice.

Basketball dunking is all about jumping. While some players jump using one leg, others use both legs. Experts believe that one leg jumping is for fast breaks and it allows players to make better use of their momentum.

While attempting to dunk, make sure you jump as high as possible. Do not hang on to the rim of the hoop. Instead concentrate on putting the ball down the hoop. You can use one or two hands but remember two hands can help in controlling the ball better. But then again, this is a personal choice.

Remember, dunking is the only aspect of the game. It is part and parcel of the game and if done correctly, it can enhance your game; and if not executed properly, it will make you feel like an idiot and this will reflect in your game.

Jan 13th, 2017 | Posted in Baseball
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