Barbecuing Tips – Master These Tips and Become the Next Urban Legend

Winter or summer, barbecuing is now a yearlong passion for most people. To make your bar-b-q party the talk of the town, follow some easy barbecuing tips. Armed with these barbecuing tips it is guaranteed that people will gatecrash to your BBQ party and your grilling wonders will be lapped up in no time.

All barbecuing tips are based on the premise that you have fresh food for the bar-b-q dish. Thus, the beef should be firm to feel, not squashy. It should be bright, cherry-red and its fat, milky white. The fish should be shiny, damp, while its steak or fillet must be intact.

Small cuts, whether animal products or vegetables, cook faster and evenly. And when grilling small food bits, use a grill basket. This makes grilling and cleaning-up easy.

A handy barbecuing tip is that marinades tenderize meat and also impart a delightful flavor to every bar-b-q food it graces. Tender beef cuts need to be marinated for only 15 minutes but if you want more intense taste, keep on the marinade for 2 or more hours. The flavors of the marinade will automatically seep into the meat. Don’t pierce the meat, else all the juices and moisture will ooze out during the grilling.

Remember to always marinate in the refrigerator. However, take out the meat at least half an hour before grilling and keep it at room temperature. This makes the meat tenderer.

Cooking meat at high temperatures scorches the outside of the meat well before the insides are thoroughly cooked. A thin layer of fat around the steak preserves its succulent juiciness while grilling. Also pressing the meat robs it off its moisture. A handy advice to preserve the moisture of fish is to douse it with limejuice while grilling.

Grilling greats have come up with a few other ingenious tips to retain the moisture of fish and meat. One such way is to place a can of beer over the hot fire with the grill lid down. As the beer vaporizes, the meat soaks it in, flavors and all, and becomes moist. Else, during grilling add a pot of water close to the fire but away from the meat. Light basting sauces can be added throughout grilling.

Vegetables soaked in water for about 30minutes before grilling prevent them from being drying out.

To prevent fish from sticking on the grill grate, spray the grill rack with cooking spray or brush it with vegetable oil. Alternatively, the grill can also be covered with perforated foil.

After grilling, remove the food and cover it with a foil. This will also retain the moisture.

The barbecuing tips also hint at maintaining hygiene by ensuring that food is thoroughly grilled. A brown exterior can be deceptive and you should check the doneness of the meat and fish with a food thermometer or poke around with your fingers for firmness. Ride atop these barbecuing tips and boast a barbecuing prowess.

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