Are You Missing Out on Life, Chasing Time?

Can you believe it? Its April 2009!! Do you remember when 2009 felt like an idea that you could not wrap your mind around? When we project into the future, the idea seems so far fetched; and when we are experiencing “that future”, we feel like it (the future) is slipping away.

Time has become a disease-causing factor. Too many people are stressed out today because they are forever running around trying to beat the clock. They speed down the highway trying to get to work on time even though they left late. Speeding will not change the fact that you are late!

Some people view time as a symbol of success. When a project is completed “on time,” a person may feel that he has achieved success. When this same person misses a time deadline, he beats himself up. This is hardly the best way to live life. We will not always complete everything on time, be everywhere on time, or get it all done!

“Time is money!”, “I don’t have the time!”, “I’m too busy!”. How many times have we made these statements? I believe that the whole busy mindset is about the fear of “time.” — afraid we are going to run out of time, that we won’t get it done — which is really rooted in the fear of dying. So we try to get it all done before we die, hoping that we will be happy once it done.

While running to meet deadlines, we often ignore the experience – the growth experience. The problem with deadlines is you actually arrive dead “ended.” The end – a feeling of, “Well that’s it, its done, what’s next?” OK! I know it is important to have a time line for things we want to accomplish. However, if success means meeting deadlines, then its time to wake up.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” – Albert Einstein

Life is really about experiences. The more we experience, the more aware we become about life; the better our understanding of who and what God is; and the better our understanding of self.

A shift in consciousness is required in order to enjoy the experience of life. When we change our focus and decide to free ourselves from the stopwatch of life; and choose to recognize and celebrate new awareness, new experiences, new thought in every moment, our perspective of life changes. You begin to notice that you are fully participating in the process of life. Freedom comes when one chooses to enjoy the growth experience of every and any given moment. This frees you from the guilt of the past and fears of the future. Life becomes delicious. Joy is abound, happiness flows and you will be harmoniously in alignment with your heart’s desires.

We are here to grow and express our unlimited potential, not to be graded by how well we competed with time. Therefore, what happens at the end of the line is less important than what happened on the way to the “end” of the line. If we choose to focus on what happens on the way to the “end” of the line, we will open ourselves up to a new reality and see that there is, in fact, no end, just another moment to experience…another moment to evolve and embrace.

There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.- Brian Tracy

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