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Eros2810 is an attractive 39-year-old, 6-foot-tall entrepreneur with no kids, an annual income of over $1 million and a yen for exotic travel. His ideal travel companion: “a girl that likes to have a laugh, travel all over the world and fancy restaurant/bars (sic).”

Lemonhoney3 is a 22-year-old student nurse/bartender/model who wants to “have fun, laugh, love” and believes she deserves “to date someone who will pamper me, empower me, and help me mentally, emotionally and financially someone to travel with while being descrete (sic).”

He’s generous. She’s attractive. And their profiles are both on the new dating website, so for all we know, Eros and Lemonhoney could be off to Rio by now., which claims to be the “first online dating website to combine travel and romance,” is either a stroke of genius or really, really offensive, depending on your perspective.

Here’s the premise: If you’re beautiful and like to travel but don’t have the funds to do so, you sign up (for free) as an Attractive Traveler. If you’re seeking a beautiful travel companion and have the scratch to cover her/his expenses, you sign up (for a fee) as a Generous Traveler.

Since launching in April, the site has garnered 100,000 members and likely will grow more this week after two of its members were accompanied to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, by a 20/20 crew for a report that aired Friday dubbed “Vacation Confidential.”
Even its founder, Brandon Wade, admits he’s a little surprised at how it’s taken off. But in doing pre-launch market research, he says, 74% of the online daters queried said they’d either traveled with someone they met on the Web, or had traveled t0 meet an online acquaintance face-to-face.

Thus far, Attractives outnumber Generous members by about 3 to 1. It’s got a healthy gay constituency, but the majority of the site’s traffic is from Generous men (27,000) seeking Attractive women (74,000), Wade says.

So what distinguishes from the run-of-the-mill escort site?

“There’s no money exchanged,” Wade declares. “Yes, one person is paying, but if you’re inviting someone to come along, you have to pay for it anyway. In the real world, if you hire a travel escort, you have to pay that person a hefty fee.”

And speaking of escorts: Wade says he and his staff keep a keen eye out for professionals, and boot them off the site.

As to what rates as Attractive: He acknowledges it’s subjective. “The truth is, when you look at the Attractive members, they come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But people who sign up as Attractive tend to be much more confident and more adventurous.”

Not surprisingly, the site has no shortage of critics. Feminists hate it. And some men complain he’s making life tough for them by saying they should pick up travel expenses.

Wade, 42, is a Singapore-born M.I.T. grad now based in Las Vegas. is the fourth dating site he’s founded. Others include (members bid for dates), (self-explanatory) and (younger women looking for a “sugar daddy”).

He recently married a woman he met on the sugar daddy site.

“A lot of people find love,” he says.

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