April Fools Day Pranks – The Best Pranks to Pull on Someone

Pulling pranks on people is a traditional thing to do on April Fools day. If you’re looking to really have a good laugh this year, you will definitely know what to do after you’ve read this. Because, what I’m going to do is share with you some great April Fools day pranks.

That way, you’ll be able get a good laugh this year pranking people.

The pranks that you can do are:

1. The first thing you can do is give someone a fake scratch off lotto ticket. Regardless if the person plays the lotto or not, this will be the perfect prank. To pull it off, all you need is a fake lotto ticket. Make up an excuse as to why you’re giving it to them.

After they scratch off the lotto ticket, it’ll reveal that they’ve won $25,000. The expression on their face will be priceless.

2. Another one of the best April Fools day pranks you can pull is to use a fart spray. You can use this at work, in a class, or anywhere. Or if you really want to get someone, you can spray their clothing with it. They’ll stink all day long.

3. The third prank you can do is to give away some trick candy. There are a lot of candies that you can use. Some will make someone’s breath smell like fart or garlic. Or it’ll turn their mouth blue or red. There are lots of things trick candies can do.

These are some April Fools day pranks that you can use this year. If you really want to get a good laugh and have fun, make sure you use the pranks that I mentioned above. It’ll have you laughing so hard.

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