Applying the Pendulum Putting Stroke (Part 4)

Make sure you have the right putter for your new, pendulum-strategy stroke. As you are reading this, I have no idea what kind of putter you are currently using. And for the most part, a specific brand does not matter. We just want to make sure that you have the right type of putter.

For the purposes of satisfying that demand, there are two types of putters:

(1) Center-shafted putters.

(2) Rear-shafted putters.

Most people wielding these putters come in all shapes and sizes. Some feel comfortable bent over from the hips a lot, and some feel comfortable bending only a little. Sometimes it has to do with a person’s height, sometimes with not liking to bend over.

Whatever the reason may be, the fact is that if you feel like you bend over a substantial amount then putting, then you should use a putter where the shaft joins the clubhead in the center or anywhere else.

If you prefer to stand up a little straighter to the ball, like Phil Mickelson for example, then you are probably best suited with a rear-shafted blade putter.

Another factor in making certain your putter fits you is the length of the putter. I see far too many people that use putters which are too long for them. Remember that we’d like you to bend forward from the hips, have your eyes over the ball, and have your arms hanging nice and loose.

Considering all of that, make sure that the top of the grip of your putter comes up only to the top of your left hand when you grip the club. If your putter is too long, one of two things is going to happen:

1) Either you’re going to hold it at the top of the shaft anyway, thereby forcing tension into your arms and shoulders by bending them, or…

2) You’re going to have a hunk of shaft sticking out above your hands, which will feel unwieldy and hurt your sense of feel for the clubhead.

Next time you watch the tour players on television, check to see how many use putters that aren’t the perfect length for them, that is, with the shaft sticking out above their hands. The answer: NONE

So if your putter is too long, ask a pro to cut the end off and stick a new grip on it for you. It will make a world of difference.

The final element of making sure the putter fits you properly is to check the lie. This is pretty simple: When you set up to a putt, the bottom of the putter should be flat on the ground. If the toe is up in the air, you need a flatter putter. If the heel is up in the air, you need a more upright lie angle. Keeping the putter flush to the ground will create a more consistent stroke.

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