Apology Letter for Cheating Template

* Greeting. No joke, how your letter opens may be the difference between the thing being read and the thing being burned. Therefore, you want to make you greeting as sincere and catchy as possible (a tricky mix, I admit). It’s also best to downplay your intent. If you are writing your letter for reconciliation purposes or simply to ease your conscience and get some closure, you want your letter to be written with the same level of care and tone. In general, opening your letter with a basic, truthful statement is a good idea. Ex: I miss you.

* Grovel, grovel, grovel. Now’s no time for pride. After you’ve stated how you feel, it’s time to get serious. Cheating, as you are probably painfully aware, is a serious offense and you need to get down on your verbal hands and knees. Apologize. Say you’re sorry even if you have already. You’ll want to extend upon this. Apologize for any pain you caused, any deception, any small detail related to your affair, etc. Emphasize here that what you did was wrong, that your partner was undeserving of suffering, and that you feel intense remorse over what has taken place. Don’t be spare here. Make your apology as extensive and sincere as possible.

* Make them an offer they can’t refuse.
If you’re writing the letter in hopes of reconciliation, which is always a long-shot, you’ll need to provide a desirable means for reconnection. Chances are a cheated party is at very least reluctant to date you again. They’ve probably discussed the issue in depth with friends and family, who’ve undoubtedly assured them that you aren’t worth the ground you walk on. This means you’re going to have to go above and beyond. Tell them that you’ll do absolutely anything to get them back (and mean it). This can be anything from couples counseling, making a public statement, doing the laundry for the next ten years, etc.

* Drum Up Those Memories.
Finally, parlay your apology into a reminiscence of a good time you had together. Ex: I miss the way we used to go biking on Saturday or read the newspaper together. Don’t be afraid to be overtly romantic here. It is your romantic history that you need to fall back on, as your more recent activity has been -ahem- less than admirable.

* Close with dignity.
Acknowledge that you’re in a position of weakness and that you understand that you don’t deserve a response. However, also remind your ex that you are only human and humans make mistakes. This doesn’t mean that you don’t love them or are a terrible person. Appeal to their humanistic side here. If you want a response, provide the recipient with a way to reach you, but be prepared for no response or an angry one. This unfortunately comes with the territory.

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May 4th, 2009 | Posted in Infidelity
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