Annabel Game Review

All hidden object adventures normally look the same. In a first person point of view, you get to find strategically placed items in a static but picturesque scene. The Annabel game plays like your average hidden object game too, but instead of static backgrounds, you get to explore the world in 360 degrees, breaking the confinement of the usual cluttered sceneries of the past.

After attending an archaeological conference in Egypt, Annabel spent her remaining time of stay to visit a museum to learn more of Egypt’s vast culture. In this place, she learned of a curse befalling young women tourists every 10 years and of an Egyptian princess named just like her. The story of Annabel the princess is a tragic tale of love wherein she lost her loved one named Akhenaten against the evil priest, Amirtekh. And little did our heroine know that she’ll get to relive the past once again firsthand after getting sucked right into Amirtekh’s magic amulet.

One thing familiar about Annabel is its hidden object game play wherein you are tasked to find items or pieces of items resembling the silhouette shown at the upper side of your screen. However, it won’t take long for you to realize that the items are not only hidden on your current view, but also on your side and back views. With this predicament, you’ll have to rotate your vision by clicking the left and right arrow icons and hope for the best that you’ll find what you’re currently looking for.

The exploration doesn’t stop there though because after a while, you’ll still need to backtrack on previous locations to check out more hidden objects. This is not the usual go-to-the-map-screen type of backtracking, but more of like you walking through open doors and climbing stairs in order to explore other levels. Opening unlocked compartments is also a recurring feature and talking to non-playable characters will keep you on your feet with given tasks to fulfill.

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