An Extract From the Lost Diary of Captain Scott

An Extract from the lost diary of Captain Scott.

Tuesday 11th

Beginning to wish I’d brought the other duvet.  Snowed all day again Oates is getting restless.

Wednesday 12th

Advanced 15 feet today before frostbite set in.  Really shouldn’t have worn flip-flops.  Made baked Alaska Surprise for dinner – Oates hit me, again.

Thursday 13th

Thought it best to stay put today, seeing as Oates’s hand dropped off at breakfast.

We’re running low on germaline again.

Friday 14th

Weather too bad to venture too far.  Stayed in tent and checked supplies. Fear I may have miscalculated the packing.  Only have 3 cuppa soups and a Sara Lee Gateau left. Oates says I brought too many unnecessary items,  but told him we only have essentials. Suggested a game of Twister after tea, but Oates just shook his head and began to cry.

I don’t know what’s got into him.

Saturday 15th

Snowed again,  built snowman outside tent in an attempt to cheer Oates up. Used two remaining Cuppa-soup packets for eyes – looked really good. Think it did the trick, Oates took one look and began laughing hysterically – that was five hours ago and his still at it.  Good to keep men’s morale up.

Sunday 16th

Oates finally finished laughing at 5 am, he’s very quiet now.  Going to show him my 45 albums of football cards tonight.  He went about half an hour ago – said he’d be sometime.  Hope he’s back in time for soup.  Suspect he’s gone out to have another look at the my snowman.

Monday 17th

Oates still not back.  No sign of him outside.  Getting a bit miffed.  Ate half of the Sara Lee Gateau left the other half for Oates.

Tuesday 18th

Ate rest of Gateau for breakfast, then fixed the knitting machine.Think oates took the barbecue and hot water bottles. Bastard.

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