All Inclusive Vacation Packages – Cancun

For those who don’t like to lie on the beach, soaking up the warm sun, after leaving the spa, or world-class shopping, be forewarned. Cancun is a stunning coastal resort city of deluxe hotels aligning pristine beaches on one side or the gorgeous Nichupt√© Lagoon on the other side.

Unbelievable nightlife abounds. However, for those who do seek the pleasure of nightlife entertainment, tons of motorized and non-motorized water sports and activities, and upscale restaurants, you will be pleased to know that all-inclusive vacation packages in Cancun give you that and so much more.

After your arrival at Cancun’s new international airport (airfare included), you will be whisked away to your luxury hotel in the Hotel Zone (transfers included). You can leave your wallet at home, since all taxes and tips are also included.

Cancun luxury hotels handle over 3 million visitors annually. The all-inclusive vacation packages often include a host of amenities including: beach, tennis, golf, scuba diving, swimming pools, whirlpools, spa facilities, sports bars, and restaurants, grocery and convenience store, laundry, snack bar, windsurfing, fishing, playground, shopping, boating, waterskiing, medical facility, child care, exercise equipment, hairdresser, conference room, live entertainment, game room, and auto rental. Units often have air conditioner, kitchen, and telephone.

During Spring Break, Cancun is a preferred destination for college students, as 300,000 spring breakers funnel into the city.

Located on the northwest Yucatan Peninsula, looking east toward Cuba, across the 2nd largest coral reef in the world and the Caribbean Sea, Cancun is a favorite for water sports activities. Cancun is also well known for its nearby Mayan Ruins, including Chichen Itza, and Tulum.

Cancun is great for weddings, honeymoons, girlfriend getaways, and family reunions. Also, if you just love soft white sand beaches and the tropical ambiance of the Caribbean coupled with the convenience of the all-inclusive vacation packages, Cancun is supreme.

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