Alaskan Seafood Turns Any Dinner Into a Party

Upon entering the supermarket, people are often quick to scamper over to the butcher counter and order up some red meat – be it chop meat for hamburgers, flank steaks for grilling, or a nice round piece of rib eye for a dinner party you are having later that night. Others order up half a dozen pieces of boneless chicken breast or whole roasted chickens that they are going to prepare for a picnic set for the following afternoon. Some will scrap both those options and buy a handful of uncooked sausages to bring over to a friends house for a barbeque that night.

While all of these options sound appetizing and will no doubt be eaten (and enjoyed) by anybody and everybody, they are fairly run of the mill. None of them are uncommon enough to raise any eyebrows, and none of them are different enough to have your company blown away. If your goal is to have your dinner table buzzing about how delicious and different your food was, try throwing some fresh Alaska crab into a pan and see what happens. Often overlooked as an ingredient for an entree, fresh Alaska crab is bursting with flavor as well as nutrients that will not only satisfy your friends and family, but also be good for their bodies and minds.

A great source for a long list of minerals – including zinc, iron, calcium, and selenium – Alaskan seafood in general is known to be one of the healthier sources of high-protein available. Many varieties are often chock full of essential vitamins, such as E, C, D and A. Even more, some types have an abundance of antioxidant E, which will strengthen your immune system as well as lower your risk of developing any sort of heart disease. With even more nutritional benefits, it is clear that when matched up against some of the other, more common types of meat that are prepared and served for dinner every night, Alaskan seafood has the competition beat.

In developing a diverse set of meals that you can put together in a minutes notice, it is important not to loose out on some of the more fun, different dishes. Using fresh Alaska crab one night instead of a piece of steak will be both satisfying and healthy for everybody sitting around the table.

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