Adventure Travel – 4 Ways to Save Money

Many tour operators reward you for booking in advance, but it especially applies to the adventure travel business. An Early Bird Reward is a win-win situation for both of you – the adventure tour operators are able to reach the number of participants they need to give the green light for the tour to take place and you get a discount.

Actually you get one more really big advantage; by booking early you benefit from the widest selection of itineraries and departure dates.


Often you will find that by returning to book your next adventure tour with the same company – you qualify for a discount. Some Adventure Tour Operators advertise with a  Loyalty Reward. By giving you a discount, when you book more than one time, they reward you for your loyalty.



Naturally you will get a discount if you are booking for a group, but be aware that often a group only has to consist of 6 or more people. You could be booking a family adventure or Traveling with a bunch of friends and you would still be entitled to a group discount.



Finally you are not just rewarded for being in good time, booking-wise, but also for being late. Most adventure tour operators offer their unsold travels for reduced prices, when the start date approaches and here you can really do a deal.


I am not suggesting that you wait to book your ticket to the last minute – in which case you could very well be disappointed and find that your tour has been sold out. No I am merely suggesting that you always check out last minutes offer, just in case, when you are ready to book in advance anyway. 

Then  you can only be happily surprised, should you find your favorite tour reduced.

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