Adventure in Goa Beaches

Goa Beach Tourism

Everyone is fascinated by the very idea of taking challenges and indulging in something adventurous. Goa makes an ideal destination to enjoy adventurous sports and especially beach sports. The exotic beaches of Goa are a host to many exciting water sports. The state is blessed with vast coastline and so it is a paradise for the water sports lovers. A number of government and private organizations including hotels and tour operators conduct regular water sport activities including training courses at a very nominal rate for tourists.

Adventure Sports at Goa Beaches

Now, if I mention Adventurous Sports, the adventure freaks might have got curious to have information on these. The adventure sports one can enjoy here are actually water sports like:

Wind-gliding: Soar high in the blue sky and enjoy wind gliding on the beaches of Goa.

Water scooter: Just hold the scooter firm and challenge the sea waves by you speed.

Snorkeling: The snorkelers find immense pleasure in taking up snorkeling and enjoying this adventurous sport.

Scuba diving: Indulge in some more thrilling adventures and do take up scuba diving at he Goa Beaches.

Trekking: Small or medium sizes hills of Goa offer excellent opportunities for trekking without.

Golf: The Leela Beach and Ramada Renaissance, of south Goa, have small nine hole courses for the golfers.

Bullfights: Here, bullfights are between two bulls and strangely no matador is needed. The fighting season starts around early October and lasts till May. So visit the state during this period if you wish to see this exciting bull fight.

Famous Attractions of Goa Beaches

The sun kissed beaches of Goa are marked with vagabond winds, the sea shores and the palm grooves. In such a lovely ambiance who will not try to wind out. You can enjoy a number of activities at the beaches of Goa. These activities range from simple to adventurous ones. The things you can enjoy at Goa beaches are:

Sand castle: You can either help your child building a sand castle and relive the ecstasy moments of your own childhood or you can make the castles for yourself also.

Walk by the sea shore: Hold the hand of your beloved, show him/ her your love, express those magical words by walking hand in hand at the lovely sea shores.

Watch sunset or sunrise: Alone, a worldly being or love birds, now matter who you are. But the site of sunrise or sunset will surely take you over. Watch the whole sky being painted into different hues of red, pink, grey and blue while you watch sunrise or sunset.

Plan a trip to Goa now and you will experience for yourself the excitement offered at Goa Beaches Adventurous sports.

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