ADHD Drugs Risks and Warnings You Should Not Ignore

Has your child been complaining of chronic headaches, stomachaches and involuntary tics? Have they been losing so much weight lately? Are they constantly lacking in sleep?

Your child might be experiencing the side effects of their ADHD psychostimulant medications. If you are not yet aware of this, read on and educate yourself on ADHD drugs risks and warnings.

ADHD drugs risks and warnings

The use of stimulant drugs can actually just temporarily relieve the symptoms of ADHD. It does not, in any way, cure this condition nor does it give nutritional and healthy benefits to your body.

I am actually surprised that there are a vast number of children who are using this kind of medication when it is common fact that it contains potent drugs, drugs that can cause substance abuse.

There are disturbing evidences that show some children feigning ADHD symptoms so that they can be prescribed with stimulant drugs. Some sell these drugs in the black market. If this does not make parents throw their stimulant medications out the window, I don’t know what would.

In worst cases, stimulant drugs can cause hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. ADHD is not a disorder that can be cured in just a snap of your fingers. The process is a grueling and meticuluous one

If children will continue to use this medication for a long period of time, this might cause possible addiction and severe side effects.

What we should do

What parents should do is within their discretion. This is not something that you have to contend with everyday. There are numerous methods and strategies provided that can work with your children’s ADHD in a natural and innocuous way.

You can try the dietary approach. Diet is a big factor that can affect your child’s ADHD. Too much sugar, gluten and MSG in their diet can cause them to be more hyperactive and inattentive.

Exercise can also help in maintaining a good disposition and can help balance the behavior of a child with ADHD. Exercise will not only improve their brain functions but it can also strengthen their body for it to be more resistant to other diseases.

Behavioral therapies also work in creating a positive outlook in a child’s perspective. They learn to appreciate themselves and the people around them more. They learn the importance of maintaining good behavior.

You can combine these methods with a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedy takes the edge of your child’s hyperactivity. This is like stimulant medication, only safer.

The ingredients found in homeopathic remedies are Arsen Iod, Hyoscyamus and Tuberculinum. These are natural ingredients that will heal your child from within. If you use homeopathic remedies with other natural treatments, you will achieve maximum results.

You don’t have to jump into the ADHD medication bandwagon. Adhd drugs risks and warnings are too serious to be ignored. You can choose the medication that is suitable for your kids. In this way, you can rest easy from fears of side effects and addiction.

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