ADD Signs and Symptoms – Getting to Know the Different Treatments for ADD

Every waking hours of an ADD child’s life is a challenge. While undergoing developmental changes in their body and brain, they also suffer from the symptoms of their condition. ADD signs & symptoms are something they have to deal with everyday.


Our homes are our comfort zones. It is our sanctuary. It is where everything is sacred.

For children with ADD, their homes are their refuge, their protection from the outside world who might not understand their condition. At home, they can be as hyperactive as they can be. They can let go of all their suppressed inhibitions and just be themselves.

Children with ADD often exhibit too much hyperactivity at home. Most of them would just like to run, climb or jump around. They would usually tire their parents out with their incessant talking.

These kids also have trouble sleeping. Their symptoms of hyperactivity keep them awake and it will prevent them from dozing. For parents, it is most difficult to keep up with these kids.


The school is almost like the second home for many. This is where we spend most of our childhood and growing up years.

For many children with ADD, school is something they have to put up with. Most of them have trouble with their academics. Because of their symptoms of inattention, these kids can not focus on the lesson of their teacher.

They get easily distracted by things around them. They have trouble finishing a task. They make careless mistakes. They fail to follow the lesson. The list just goes on and on.

Social Circle

An ADD child’s social circle is most likely, limited. This is because they tend to be more aggressive or more withdrawn than any kids their age. Their impulsivity gets them into trouble most of the times.

They like to talk a lot but they also like to switch from one topic to another. They keep on butting in to other people’s conversation. They also like to answer questions before it is even finished.

Looking at all these signs and symptoms, we ask ourselves, is there still hope? Fortunately, there are ways to treat ADD in a safe and natural way. Aside from maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and a regular exercise, you can also try homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic remedies might just be the medication you are looking for. This does not just work in one note. This medication considers the individual needs of ADD patients.

Homeopathic remedies contain natural ingredients so it is safe for you to take it on a daily basis. The symptoms of ADD are smartly alleviated but without the risk of side effects.

There are various methods to alleviate ADD signs & symptoms. You need only to do your homework and learn more about them. Just one last piece of advice, before turning to stimulant medication, you should exhaust first all other alternative treatments.

Jun 19th, 2017 | Posted in Mental Health
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