Add a Touch of Romance to your Creative Family Beach Vacations

Your creative family beach vacations can also have a romantic element…you just need to do a bit of homework. In this article we will be outlining some of the ways that you can do this. We all need a bit more romance in our life, right?

Idea #01 – Pack a special picnic lunch and pick a favorite spot on the beach to share it with your special loved one. Don’t forget to pack some of those special treats you enjoy so much.

Tip #02 – Rent the Honeymoon Suite. Who says you have to stay at a “same ole, same ole” hotel room. Who says that the honeymoon suite is only for those on a honeymoon? The new surroundings might spice your relationship up a bit.

Idea #03 – Get the Front Desk Involved. They know the area very well, and are up on those special local attractions and places to eat. They would love to work on this little “romantic” project for you.

Idea 04 – Take turns planning things. One day it’s your turn to plan some special romantic date, and the next day, it’s your partner’s.

05 – Be sure to give lots of compliments to each other. All too often we take each other for granted, and we all love to hear nice things. Be sure to add a few compliments here and there to make your beach vacation romantic.

Idea #06 – Room Service is a Treat. For a few bucks more, you can have your meals delivered to you in your room. Why not share breakfast in bed? How about a nice evening meal while you watch the “late show”?

Tip #07 – Write Love Letters to Each Other. We all love to get letters, and especially those expressing love from those that we love.

08 – Star Gazing. Evenings at the beach are magical. Why not wander down to the beach one evening and look into the sky with that special loved one? Don’t forget to bring along a nice bottle of wine…

Tip #09 – A Beach Stroll. Nothing is as refreshing as a stroll along the beach in the morning. You can plan your romantic breakfast together while you stroll along.

Tip #10 – Get a “Do Not Disturb” Sign and use it. Enough said. They can be purchased at most hardware stores.

11 – Buy a special bottle of wine or champagne. A little bubbly can go a long way. You can keep it cool in your room’s mini-bar…if it has one. If not, ice is usually down the hall…

12 – Explore the Shopping Area Together. If your partner happens to show an interest in a special item, why not double-back later that evening and pick it up for them? You could surprise them with it before you nod off to sleep.

Do you think you will be able to use any of these ideas? We have other ideas at our creative family beach vacations web site if you are interested? Why not navigate over and check our web site out?

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