A Tale From the Dale


The cluster of clouds were rising from the west end and spreading in random to the far away horizon. The whole sky was swallowed by the gathering clouds loaded with an unknown fear that somewhat would be happening at any moment. I had noticed that many lumps of cloud in broken pieces were swiftly running over the sky ceaselessly, overlapping to each other. I looked around. The clouds became so dense most probably transforming into the drop of rain like some unknown lovers’ tears was rolling down from the bosom of the gloomy sky to reduce the length of its sorrow by washing itself. As if the whole sky was itself overcast with its loaded sorrow because the drops of rain would very shortly fall from the bosom of the sky ran down with its all tiredness, suffocation and exhaustion. It seemed that the darkness occurred due to appearing of the rambling clouds would strangle the whole sky creating a havoc of terror very soon. The howling of winds was gradually faster, then faster in random direction. At once, an awful pain was penetrating throughout my worried mind, fleeting to the arch of the distant horizon along with the whistling of the blowing winds. Suddenly my heart was throbbing in unknown fear, in what reason the fear of unknown was appearing in the skull of my mind I could not guess it properly. The swirling of dust and dirt was rising up from the uneven ground, from the vast paddy fields and from the zigzag lanes of the both banks of the river Dhansiri, its steep sides broken randomly sloping down to the riverbed. The roaring of the thunderous sky gave a forecast of rapid occurrence of violent storm to make every moment of this pleasant evening into a fearful gesture and all of a sudden such changes had threaten to me in unknown sorrow that I did not know. I was sinking in my deep thoughts while walking speedily.

The chaos of thunder blazing with angry lighting would immediately come around with its rushing storm, I thought. Steadily but in increasing order the thunders with its lighting explosion was roaring terribly penetrating throughout the overcast sky and the flashes of lighting was blazing behind the horizon of the earth making many scratching lines of the serpentine movements, many zigzag sketches in the bosom of the clouds loaded sky. As soon as the thunders were becoming violent, my footsteps were accelerating like a gallop of the horse. In the meanwhile, the wind blew strongly. Breathlessly I was walking across the paddy field to reach my destination before the storm and rain began. Therefore, I was walking, walking and walking without any stop. Still the wind was violently blowing. From the sky the lighting was blazing with many howling of thunder. Much lighting across the sky was gradually turned into many whirling ribbons of crimson flare. When the wind was swiftly passing behind, along with its long howling, the distant heeds and bushes growing around the both banks of the flowing Dhansiri were curling down to the ground, fighting for the survival of their existence. Today winds were wild, violent and aggressive. They were shrieking, jolting and trembling screeches. I thought why the Heaven was angry to shoot their fires, I did not know, not getting any certain reply from my thoughtful mind roaming around in the pool of reverie since a very long time. There was a long silence except the howling of the winds. Only my silence was shrouded me in the mystery of the worldly life, the vagueness of the divine life, the elusiveness of the death and the indistinctness of the heaven.

All my surrounding was gloomy like grave. As thunder was roaring through the overcast sky with their flashes of lightings, I walked fast through the zigzag way cleaving through the paddy fields. Tailing across the paddy fields, I was walking still, sometimes my speed was accelerating, and sometimes it was slowing down when the pool of mud had been hindering my gallops. Like the zigzag tailing lane across the paddy field, I thought, in real there was a long path of life lying ahead of me, full of sufferings and struggles ——- tears and sorrows. In my case, I knew well, the up and down of life that I had to pass, was really a far-flung long lonely struggle way full of many thorns, many hurdles of obstruction and many high slippery slanting too. Really, life was vicissitudes of daily living, full of many complexities, many difficulties and many unsolved intricacy. No doubt, life was full of joy and glee made the life happy, sometimes tear and sorrow storming to the life, life was always running after the illusory mirage mixed with despair and faint aspiration. No doubt, life had many contours of hardship, struggles and conflict. Life was full of variety, no other wonderful than life, human life.

After meeting the strange man at the entrance gate of the temple Deou Pani Than, today I was realized that like life on the earth enfolded by illusion and compassion, there were also variety of men playing their different wonderful role on the stage of the world wearing with different masks and disguises. I recalled the incident that took place at the temple on the afternoon hours. In passing through the entrance gate of the temple, I met this strange person there.

“Oh! Young man, you are the man of zeal for life and love. Your heart is still melted in some one’s love. You like to sacrifice yourself for the goodness of others but ………” Lifting his hand with a human skull, the strange person said with smile, a smile blended with the glance of satire. I thought he was an amazing creature.

There was a mystery in his expression and in his sardonic smile, as if the human skull in his coarse hand was satirizing my future, even though I did not belief any witchery. As if the skull in his magical hand was deceiving us under the veil of holiness, people’s faith and belief.

“But what ……” I was intervening to his statements with an angry look. Then I sounded in surprise, “Hey,…….” There was hardness in my voices.

“Yes, your life will be hurt and defeated in the hard battle of life. Yes life, life may cheat you. ” He said to me in a stretch, hanging a disguised smile in his lips. His sardonic smile satirized me about my future of uncertainty, a darkness of my life.

His odd voices made me dumb in wonder and I was wonder at his flattering. He was a man of bizarre with a human skull in his torn and unclean satin bag becoming a fantastic feature, having an unbelievable character. I had minutely noticed him from tip to toe. He was wearing a saffron Dhuti and Shader. The Shader was imprinted the bold writing of red colour by the word “Ram Ram Ram” meaning the name of God who, from the heaven came to the earth as an incarnation of human being during the old era of the golden time when the animal and the tree could feel and speak like man. Now this golden era was vanished with its all miracles and marvels, becoming all trees on the earth speechless and stiffness losing their all vocabularies. Such type of peculiar man was seen at the entrance gate of all temples situated in the remote areas of our country. I did not belief his witchery, groundless thoughts. Therefore, I did not give him much important. Without listing his wizardry, I wanted to pass nearby him but he had blocked me on my way. He was resisting me.

“Let me go. Please go away from my side.” I sounded rudely.

“You are in love but could not success to gain some one’s heart.” He continued his saying looking his fingers down and then counting at the tip of his fingers, “Your bad days will come very soon. I shall worship for you, please drop a hundred rupee note in my God blessing pot.”

“What a cheater you are!” I could not control my temper. I was trembling with rage and wrath. I could not say more. Angry was blazing in my face, glowing red. My forehead was frowning up to the eye’s brow.

“Do not lose your temper. Please trust on my worship otherwise you will …………..” I interpreted him and raged against his flattery.

“If you have a supernatural power, why should not you change your fate from the beggary? Be shame! Worthless!”

“Hey, hey, you boy, do not insult me as a beggar or you will ruin at your proud.” He protested against my rude behavior. I pushed him down and went away towards the bus stoppage. In the meanwhile, I missed my first afternoon bus and was waiting for the next for a long while.

Immediately I awakened from my random thoughts. Then I was still walking across the paddy field cleaving through the gloomy darkness lying before me. There was nothing around me but darkness. There was darkness after darkness ————– a gulp of darkness around me. In my left, there was darkness. In my right, there was darkness and in front of me, there was a long stretch of darkness. Gradually the spreading darkness was swallowing me with its ferocity. I looked behind. I felt, a very long way trailing by a narrow bull-cart dust lane, as if I had to cross over a very long way throughout the path of my life; was lying behind me like a sleeping serpent hiding under this dubious darkness. Through these wide darkness, a shadow of missing memories was persuaded me.

Oh! The leaving past! How hurtful to miss it was! Ripples of forgotten memories were still appearing in the net of my fleeting mind. The remembrance of leaving past made me more thoughtful to quiver my little heart by the wake of a deep emotion, a sorrowful feeling and an upset sensation. How I had meaninglessly missed more than my twenty youths. As the ages were rolling over my neglected life, many thoughtful emotions and tender feelings were flushing over my youth for want of love. Throughout my life, meaninglessly I was running after the illusion of despairing love and burning torments —— a scar of pains deeply imprinted in my little heart as burnt by missing love, painful passion, and blazing lust.

I gave a quick glance over the sky. Thunders with the flash of lighting were roaring through the gloomy sky, as if angels from the heaven were scowling me. I knew well that I was a tiny and neglected creature on the earth and angels in the heaven did not care for me. I was helpless; I had not enough strength to challenge against the mystery of the Almighty. My heart was quivering in an unknown fear, fear of uncertainty because the bizarre person gave a curse to me, as I did not drop any money in his begging pot. I was still walking across the paddy field. I could not halt for a moment. I much reached her house beyond these uneven pasture and meadow. Therefore, I was walking with my rush.

Shewali sent me to the temple Deou Pani Than. I went there in search of a handful of blessing from the Goddess Deou Pani, begging for a speedy recovery from a strange illness of her husband for a healthy life. Jibonda was her husband, now lying in the sick bed. She loved her husband more than her life. Nevertheless, how cruel the starkness of the reality was! Just after two and half years passed over her marriage life, Jibonda seriously fell in ill. The Doctor from the nearby town Golaghat could not cure him and there was a doubt to detect his ailment properly.

Oh! Shewali! What was a tragic conflict of life knocking at the door of her life? I could not think more about her miseries. She was unfortunate. When I was in college, I felt in her love—— her beauty, her charm, and her grace was enchanting my eyes with a wonder of the secret beauty of life, with a glare of unknown curiosity of mystery of life, revealing the treasure of its secrecy. The tender ages of my restless youth, which was not dominated by the inner sensation of the curious mind, was always hunting after the unseen marvel to unfold the secret beauty of the another dream world. This world was never clash with the reality; here the dream of love was triumphing over my love thirsty heart and as a result my little heart was easily melted in love towards the woman, their beauty and their fascination. Like other young man, I loved Shewali though my age was not enough to fall in love. It was the natural instinct for all young men that the tide of love would one day flow to cleave throughout the heart when the bud of youth would bloom for life. Naturally, to victim of such human’s instinct I fell in her love, in her beauty. Her beauty enchanted me. Her splendor enthralled me. I was charmed at her prettiness, at her loveliness, at her cuteness too. When I was trampling over my teens growing gradually towards the adulthood, her beauty of femaleness was enthralling my curious mind behind the secrecy of life and love. I became mad to unlock the secret door of the hidden nudity of the woman. As if, as the fragrance of flowers and its allure were attracting the butterfly, which was flying across the sky loaded with a thirsty of love, at that moment my parched heart was running after the nectar of life. Nevertheless, I found nothing any odor of life because life was not a magic of dream that it compelled Shewali to fall forcefully in my love, as she was also not enough age to understand what life was and love too.

In the bay of life while blooming with the first flush of my youth, the sweet name Shewali endorsed secretly in the deep core of my heart with the humming rhyme of love. I did not know when the murmuring song of love was silently flooded in my youthful heart; I could not count this moment of my adulthood. When I met Shewali under the playful and careless accompany in the soil of our beautiful dale surrounded with flora and foliage, the first flush of the untamed youth was knocking at the door of my heart. As if, during night the insects were falling at the wick of the glowing lamp to burn itself in the name of sacrifice of their life. For their ardent desire of love towards the glowing light, they sacrificed their life silently for the birth of new love. Like insects, we were lone male scorching ourselves in love of the woman, in temptation of the hidden beauty of the woman for ardent desire to know the mystery of life unlocked to its long secret path of curiosity.

In the uneven delta of life blooming with the first flush of my youth, the sweet named Shewali was always inspiring me. Until now, her beauty painted secretly in my heart with the pink of love and adore.

Now Shewali, Oh! A pinch of pain like a hidden thorn, my heart was piercing in pain and sorrow when I was remembering about the illness of her husband. When Jibonda was seriously ill in the bed, Shewali was despaired and gradually her life had come to a melancholy end as his ailment was becoming more serious.

Shewali adoring with an enchanting beauty of feminine, a beautiful name as sweet as honey, could steal the heart of any young man like me, I could not forget her beautiful name because I fell secretly in her love without any knowledge of others. I loved her secretly as if the lotus did not know how much the mire loved the lotus silently under its water! Similarly, the other part of the world did not know how silently I loved Shewali! It was a sweet name for me. It was an unforgettable name at least for me. She was as lovely as rose, as tender as petal of a little bud which was bathed in dewdrops under the darkness of the night.

When she was teens, she was silently blooming with the spell of peerless beauty of the flaming youth under the cover of the darkness of the melancholy night, exposing herself how lovely she was and how radiant she was! However, today, at what unknown grief and sorrow taken into her bashful breast, I could not guess the depth of her sorrow. Her eyes were brimming with scalding tears to tell the tale of her awful miseries.

Shewali meant Shewali Phool, a kind of Night Jasmine flower blooming with a bundle of new hope under the darkness of the lonely night. As if the secret pain of the Night Jasmine falling on the ground with all its tiredness, by whom Shewali was blossoming lonely to spread the fragrance of love; by whom she was scattering a lap of love, unfolding a palm of joy ————— dispersing an ample of aroma; I did not know. Only the melancholy of night could know, only the deep-long silence of the mid-night sky could tell, how secretly she kept her unknown pain behind her broken heart. I thought, though she was embracing by a peerless beauty why God did not cure her husband so far. I did not know about the mystery of God. My thought was lost in the unsolved question of one’s life —– unable to find out the solution of intricacy of the life. For the moment, my random thoughts mingled gradually in the ocean of the fleeting memories of my leaving past.


We were known to each other from the very beginning of our life, when our little heart was just commencing to open a bud of love and longing to mingle with the rainbow of life. From the experience of my teenaged life, I understood that love was the wild tide of the young heart that was unable to control by a juvenile mind full of mirth, which was indomitable, unconquerable. I felt, love was full of joy and glee, bursting of smile and happiness, but on the contradictory the same colour of love was sometimes burning for a sweet heart, it was painful when unable to quench its odor, its aroma. No doubt, love was a natural and spontaneous feeling of the man inspiring to unite the man and the woman at the bond of two melted hearts for demanding of their unborn. I thought, as long as love was germination in the heart of both man and woman, the earth would never turn into barren, without life; love was the gift of God as lovely as His wonderful creation for the first page of the life of Adam and Eve so that nobody denied the odor of love and its charming. When the luster of youth was knocking at the door of my young life, unknowingly a sensation of love and passion was sprouting in my heart with a thrill of feeling towards the inviting beauty of the woman.

Through the lovable shade of our careless accompany in the paddy field, somewhere in the bank of the river and in the slopping pasture playing hide and seek from meadows to meadows, we were grown up together under the same ribbon of the blue sky, with the same breath. All our expressions revealing from eyes to eyes were as pure as the sanctity of the verse, not motivated the lust of any sexual appealing. When the mysterious touch of unknown love and passion was knocking at my heart, accidentally I had met her in the way of the first flush of my joyful youth. She was, for me the first Virgin of Chastity that opened the secret door of beauty of the woman for my romantic youth. Before meeting her, I never thought that the world where we were born together was so beautiful, so charming and so wonderful and I never thought that our mundane world was full of such murmuring of romantic tune all around me. I felt, love was the wild temptation while I had a giggling teen-age just about to enter the first door of my youth rolling over many fancy dreams of life. I thought repeatedly the age of youth was most enthusiasm of life.

When I met her alone in the paddy field where whistling of breeze remembering me love was the oasis of life, at that lonely moment I could not murmur any single word before her, my lips were parching to kiss her cheeks; my heart was beating in fear how to express my love before her. I stood as statue; I stared as speechless as dumb. When the silence was lingering for a while, I was secretly looking the spell of her beauty and her charming with my all wonders, as if all the mysterious beauty and fascination of the lovely woman was unfolding before me, realizing me that the woman was the lovely creation of God with His beautiful and delicate fingers. Numbness was around me. Like the minute hand of the clock moving with the tick-tock noise in low tune, the silence was passing away over me. I heard the rattle of the blowing winds, which were whispering over my ears, told me in murmuring tune that life, even though it was not lasting forever, was so beautiful, so charming, so magnificent and so lovely. I stood before her. Her eyes were blinking to display the spell of her appealing beauty. Her rosy cheeks covered by her hands in shy were flooded with the lure of untold love and the outline of her slim body was clung with every tight curving of her fair skin. As a result, a thrilling of romance was secretly rushing from my vein to vein, rushing over my spine back. All of a sudden, a quenchless flame was burning in my hungry heart to make me hunger towards her peerless beauty for uniting with her heart under the tie of love, under the net of passion. My heart was remained quenchless to embrace her in my impatient breast. Throwing the quenchless thirst of the temptation for my long suppressing sex and lust towards the secret and wonderful beauty of the woman, I murmured myself the hymn with the same string of the romantic poets, where love and joy were lying for care and embracing, ———

——– “Ah, love, let us be true

For the world,

Which seems

To lie before us

Like a land of dreams.”

Whether my love was true or fake I did not know. Nevertheless, at that moment I could not realize what a solace of love was! How deep its depth was! However, it was the fact that I loved her with my heart, and I loved her every breath. At that time, I did not know about life and love, about the woman and the heart, unable to know the mystery of life how to unfold its secrecy. Such teen age did not teach me what life, what was the stark reality. At that moment, I was very eager to get a sweet reply from her in exchange of my love. However, my stirred heart was scorching secretly for want of love. From that moment, the burning sensation of my ardent love towards her had stolen my sleep, because I could not control the overwhelmed emotion of my heart, which was still blazing in want of love. It was very painful to suppress my ardent desire of love and longing towards her. Except the unheard murmuring of my past remembrance, the hours of silence were whistling to pass away whispering the unknown pains of my love-beating heart along with the rattle of winds. Suddenly the ripples of my mind were flowing with the murmurs of the brook cleaving through the leaving past. Many random thoughts about the past of our childhood were agitated my mind once and again.

I though now, these paddy fields with stretched landscape were stood before me silently like a vague shadow of illusion in the darkness of the night. The both banks of running Dhansiri nearby these paddy fields were still standing as a dumb witness of our humdrum life. This flowing Dhansiri cleaving into the heart of our beautiful dale was exposed our tireless works and toils from dawn to evening and our struggle for the din of our daily grind ———- reflecting our hard working life through these paddy fields in exchange of the sweat of our forehead grimed with the filth and the dust of the earth. Now the graceful Dhansiri with many uneven contours of land and ravine was flowing through our dales year after year, embracing many untold tales of our valley, and many hidden woes and miseries of our heart carrying at her leaping breast running with playful foams and ripples.

I did not know how long I had to walk alone in the shadow of the darkness through these paddy fields. During the long path of my life, tears and sorrows were together persuading after my loneliness. Love left nothing for me except a rhythm of the melancholy song of the lonely night. However, she was gradually leaving far away from the orbit of my life. Until today I had not been doing any goodness for Shewali, I could not do any trifle deed at least for her.

I woke up from my reveries. I was hurriedly walking to reach her home. The way that I had to walk through was too long at that moment. I felt, the path around me was full of darkness, swallowed by the darkness of impenetrability, as if the wretchedness of life would never end like this horrible night. No doubt, there was a long way lying before me in the shape of hazy shadow mingled in the darkness of the mysterious evening. As I was walking fast across the paddy fields, the hush of every darkness moment became mysterious for me. In addition, the spreading darkness would engulf me gradually, as if; the night would never end to welcome the new light of the dawn. I felt.

In my breast, I strongly held up the handful of holly flowers. It was considering as a blessing of God that I was bringing from the temple Deopani Than for quick recovery of Jibonda. I knew that Shewali had a deep devotion on God. I could not mock her unbreakable belief. I had no right to trample over other’s faith, no right to hurt other’s feelings. Therefore, I obeyed her instruction for going to the temple Deopani Than demanding mercy before God, instead of bringing a good Doctor from the town. Anyhow, I prayed to God to give at least a little mercy to Shewali that Jibonda would recover very soon to make her life again joy and smile, happy and delight. From God I wanted a bundle of light to kindle her hope at least removing the all clouds of darkness from the silt of her life. I was begging a handful of mercy from God at least for her happiness, life would teach her again to laugh and enjoy. I heard the rumble of the violent winds. I looked the gloomy sky. A volley of thunders was cleaving through the bosom of the sky. An arrow of lighting was staring my eyes. I gathered courage to fight against the ensuing danger.

Continued for Next Issue.

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