A Stop Smoking Product to Breathe Again

Why do people smoke?

For some it is a social activity that started when they were younger and turned into an addiction. For others, it is a stress reliever that started out small and turned into a pack a day habit. Whatever a person’s reason for smoking, there is a stop smoking product out there that can help them quit. Most of these products work the same way…

They release a stream of nicotine into a person’s blood stream in an attempt to ween them off their use of cigarettes. Many of the products available have been scientifically proven to help people quit.

What are the benefits of quitting? A prolonged healthier life would be the main reason. There is no guarantee as to how long anyone is going to live, but using a stop smoking product to help a person quit does increase their chances of avoiding smoking related illnesses.

One such product on the market is the nicotine lozenge. Much like a cough drop, these lozenges are placed between the teeth and cheek and they are sucked on for about 30 minutes. As they are sucked on, the nicotine is slowly released into the body. These can be kept with a person throughout the day so they can take one whenever they feel the urge to smoke coming on. With most of these lozenges, the goal is to help a person quit within about 12 weeks.

Another stop smoking product is the nicotine inhaler. One of the biggest differences in this type of product is that it requires a prescription. The inhaler is used much like a cigarette. A person takes a puff of the inhaler, holds the nicotine vapor in their mouth for a few seconds and then blows it out. Not only does this help with the smoking cravings, but it also gives people that needed smoking like activity. It can make people feel like they are still smoking without all of the negative side effects.

Also, other successful quit smoking products on the market today have become increasingly popular that make no use of gum, patches, or pills…

Stop smoking products that do not require the use of drugs have recently been proven to be EXTREMELY effective as well since you’re no longer requiring any type of dependence with these types of programs.

With any stop smoking product, it is important to consult with your doctor about which one might be right for you. As mentioned above, most of the products work in a similar manner, but all of them fit differently with different people.

For one person, the lozenge might be right, for others it might be gum or a patch. An astonishing amount of data has also recently blossomed over the use of programs that require no gum, patches, or pills. The bottom line for all of the products is to find one that does work from a credible source and use it to help a person improve their quality of life.

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