5 Reasons Why I Liked

Let’s face it: “Watchmen” is by no means an Iron Man. It does, however, have its own appeal. The movie opens up with action and is told in flash backs as well as the present. The characters are all different yet the same. They are all superheroes yet they are all flawed in some sort of way. There were 5 distinct reasons why I liked this movie.

1. The characters are all complex, which makes you want to see the movie through to the end to find out their outcomes.

2. The cast was a mixture of names and faces you know as well as new comers you don’t.

3. Billy Crudup delivered an excellent performance as Dr. Manhattan. He made you feel what he was feeling and draws you into his world as he sees it.

4. The content of the movie addressed just about every social issue there was in the world back then as well as pertaining to what current issues are going on in the world today. Ironically a lot of those issues back then are still the same issues we face today.

5. The movie remained true. By this I mean that it didn’t pretend to be anything but what it was meant to be. It showed in detail how nobody is perfect despite what their talents are or where they are stationed in life. Everybody has flaws. No body is perfect.

I liked this message the movie sends out that no body is perfect. All to often we get caught up in looks and what something appears to be. We loose sight that all that glitters is not gold. This movie brings us back to the reality that looks can be deceiving and you should never judge a book by its cover. This movie is not for everyone, but I do recommend that everyone see it.

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