3 Vital Tips For Making a Woman Climax Intensely Through Intercourse Alone

Making a woman climax intensely through intercourse alone can be like second-nature if you follow a few basic guidelines. By doing so, you can ensure that pretty much any woman you sleep with, you will be among the best she has ever had. Women remember the guys that give them intense orgasms through just intercourse, because those are the best kind to a woman. Imagine her fantasizing about you when she is with future (and less satisfying partners). Just follow these few tips and you can be her best ever.

My favorite foreplay move. It is simple, but there are way too many men who don’t do it. What is it? Perform oral sex on her! Don’t do it to the point of climax — that is a back-up plan for men who can’t make a woman orgasm through intercourse alone. But get her teetering on the brink and begging to have her inside you. That will make it much easier to get the job done during intercourse.

Last long enough! This is another huge reason why so many men can’t get the job done. They can’t last long enough! Make sure you can go for, at bare minimum, 20 minutes during intercourse. That is active thrusting, too. If you can’t do it, work on strengthening the muscles that control orgasm by doing several sets of kegel exercises daily. Also, if you typically rush through your masturbation sessions, stop! That will train your body to climax fast, which is exactly what we are not going for.

Make sure your penis size is large enough! This is yet another big reason why men fail to be satisfying lovers who can make women climax through just intercourse. They aren’t big enough! Climaxing is much easier for a woman if her partner has a large, thick penis that can create intense friction on the clitoris as well as the sensitive areas in her vagina. Natural penis enlargement exercises, not pills, are the best way to get a longer and thicker penis fast.

Dec 2nd, 2014 | Posted in Sexuality
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