3 Tips For a Proper Golf Swing

A proper golf swing is the life line of your game. Without it you will never lower your scores or better your swing. But how to get a proper golf swing and what to keep in mind? Well, as you see, in the first place you have to do a lot of practice to improve your golf swing. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. You have to get some the mental and physical fitness to succeed.


Do not get me wrong, that does not mean working hard without fun. I think it is crucial to have fun while your are in a training routine.


Okay, here are now some tips how you can get a proper golf swing.


1. Set yourself a goal you want to reach. Maybe you want to lower your scores a few points in 1 month. Set your goal, but it has to be reachable! This is a mental aspect you have to keep in mind. As I mentioned mental golf fitness is important.

2. Keep your body in shape. Golf fitness and stretching before you start your game is essential. Physical fitness and mental fitness goes hand in hand. So, do not only play golf. Do some jogging or swimming to keep your body in balance. This will help you to better your golf swing!

3. If you really want to improve your golf swing and make it proper then ask a friend if he can film you. Do your swing while he is making a video of your swing. Here comes the aspect of fun in the game. And it helps you to see what you have to improve. Maybe it sounds funny to you but it will definitely work. So take this seriously.

So, these are only some basic tips. Not very specific, but if you follow these basic rules and get a good training guide then you will get a proper golf swing. Fitness and practicing will help you to become a better player and lower scores.

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