3 Techniques to Help You Learn to Play Lead Guitar – Part 3

Guys, assuming you read my first two articles, you would have known that I covered most of the basic techniques in which a lead guitarist should learn, master and utilize.

Well for today, I’ll be covering 3 more techniques, this time the difficulty is a little higher. Here we go!

Technique 1: Sweep picking

Sweep picking is very related to strumming. The main difference between them is that when sweep picking, the individual notes are heard clearly, rather than together in a strum. When sweep picking, you normally play one note per string and then move on the the adjacent string be it up or down. In order to do sweep picking, do a sort-of strum but at the same time, applying more force so that the individuals notes are heard clearly. When sweep picking, you would be able to play much faster as you are sort-of strumming but playing individual notes, rather than alternate picking.

Technique 2: Tapping

As sweep picking is related to strumming, tapping is much related to hammering on and pulling off. How so? When doing a trill(hammering on and pulling off in quick succession repeatedly), you use only your fretting hand. In the case of tapping, you will be using both hands, thus being able to tap notes which you can’t hammer on. When tapping, you can either start with a hammer on or a pull off. When starting with the pull off, you’ll use your picking hand, preferably your middle finger to pull off. When doing the hammer on type, you’ll use your finger to hit whatever note you want and most of the time pull off also.

Technique 3: Legato

Legato means ‘to play smoothly with no unintentional audible pauses in between the notes’. It might sound hard but actually quite easy. What you need regarding legato is having a lot of practice. A legato resembles a trill but excluding the pull offs, so it’s just hammering on and on. Usually, you will pick the first note and then hammer on the subsequent notes, only picking again when switching strings. However, sometimes you can even hammer on your first note, not picking it.

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