3 Facts About Female Orgasms You Need to Know!

If you want to fulfill your potential in bed, you better read this. Here are 3 facts about the female orgasm that you absolutely must know. At the very least, they will shed some light on how you can look to improve in bed. Read on.

1. Every Woman Can Have Multiple Orgasms

This is a fact. There are only three reasons why a woman may not be achieving multiple orgasms during sex. These include a weak emotional connection, poor foreplay, and weak sexual stamina on your part.

These three things are absolutely vital for her to experience multiple orgasms.

2. Faking it…

Almost 60% of women have reported to fake an orgasm at least once with their current partner. That is pretty crazy isn’t it? If you want to become a better lover, you obviously need to know if she is faking her orgasms in the first place.

You can either ask her, or you can look for the signs that she’s faking. These include, weak vaginal contractions, a lot of energy after sex, and a little edginess on her part.

3. Oral Sex is More Stimulating

Did you know that oral sex actually produces much stronger orgasms for women when performed right? This is because certain techniques will allow you to build the orgasm from multiple spots rather than just one.

I highly suggest you learn some of these techniques so you can give her maximum pleasure. Believe me, oral sex is something you should never improvise on once you get down there. Some women actually look forward to this more than the actual sex.

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