12 Volt Inverters Are Still a Popular Choice

12 volt Inverters are still the most popular voltage of inverter and probably will be for some time to come. Being the most largely produced they are still the cheapest voltage of inverter to purchase. Prices have dropped considerably over the past few years making them are much more viable option for those looking to produce their own power supply.

Previously the inverter was probably the most expensive part of a small home power system. Now they are one of the cheapest, even being on a par with a single 100 watt solar panel. Panels still have a long way to fall in price and the more that are produced and sold the quicker this will happen.

12 volt inverters can supply your home with a steady stream of quality electricity without any fluctuations in current. This is best obtained by purchasing a pure sine wave inverter. With sophisticated electronics they ensure that the electricity passing to you home is of a standard compatible with that supplied by the power grid. This is very important, especially if you are running delicate electrical equipment in your home.

There is now a fantastic array of choice when it comes to purchasing an inverter, and those with twelve volts are by far those with the highest number of options available, making them the cheapest to purchase. Ensure that you purchase one with the highest number of watts that you can. The number of watts signifies the amount of watts that you can use at any one time in the home. The higher the number the more appliances you can run with ease. This is very important as some items in the home will draw a large number of watts when in use. You do not want to find that your purchase will not allow you to run some of the appliances that you took for granted. Although most quality inverters will allow you to draw three times the number of stated watts, this is only for a few minutes and puts a severe load on it. It will be no good for running anything that draws this kind of power for more than a minute or two.

Shop around and you will be surprised at both the quantity and quality of the 12 volt inverters now available. Higher voltages are available, and often for not as much more money as you would believe, but for a small home system or for a system running a limited number of appliances then this inverter will still be the most economic to purchase.

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